Frequently Asked Booking Questions 


What does your company do?

We are quietly successful cosmetic retailer that offers a menu of educational and beauty services.

I'm getting married. How do I arrange a trial and quote?

It's easy! Schedule an appointment By contacting the Artist in your city.

What is your service area?

If you book an appointment that requires more than 45 minutes of travel time from downtown Seattle, you will be charged a $35 Travel Fee. Appointments booked that require 90 minutes of travel time will be cancelled unless you contact us first using the contact form.

Can I learn theatrical or special effects makeup during class?

At this time, we focus on beauty makeup application and products. 

What should I expect in a class? How will this be different from any other makeover?

We train you to do makeup quickly like a pro. You will really learn makeup. This is not another eye roll inducing mall makeover. We also offer quality products with no pressure to purchase.  

What products do you sell?

We offer Daredevil Pro and Jennifer Bradley. All items are cruelty free. In some cases, cosmetic items are Certified Organic, gluten free or paraben free. Most items are vegan. Consult our Shop page, your artist or email for specific product information.

These are the products we recommend to our very own mothers!

I'm a beginner. Which class do I select?


If you are definitely planning to purchase, select Product Concierge (see minimum purchase requirements in class description). 

If you have a collection of makeup you like and are not planning on purchase product, choose Makeup Shakeup.

If you are unsure or will definitely not make a Daredevil Cosmetics purchase, we recommend the Maestro Class.

It's important to mention you can take these classes over and over again. The class agenda is dynamic;it will change as your skill level changes.

How do I book my appointment?

Easy! contact the artist in your city to book.

How do I book a Groupon Promotion?

Unfortunately, we ended the groupon promotion and you will need to contact groupon for a refund. To be clear, only Groupon can refund you.

Are you able to work on someone who has the flu or a skin issue?

We are unable to put makeup on clients who are visibly contagious or are currently experiencing open/healing skin lesions. Please reschedule if you are sneezing, coughing, and obviously sick. Skin issues include: Type 3 or 4 acne, herpes, burn marks, abrasions, recovery from surgery, stitches, and skin cancer in treatment. 

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

We understand. Our artists are real people like you: mothers, spouses, pet lovers. Things come up. Try to give us notice. If something comes up last minute, we strongly suggest that you text message your artist's cell phone. 

I have sensitive skin. Can you help me?

Yes. Many of our products are made for hypersensitive skin. Please let your artist know of any allergies or previous issues with makeup or skin care. Many of our Seattle services have the option of using your own makeup. 

Do your products have a guarantee?

Satisfaction is guaranteed. We cheerfully accept returns within 30 days of purchase. We do not give returns on services.

Am I expected to tip?

"Gratuity is appreciated but not expected." 

Do you do makeup on teenagers, senior citizens, ladies, gentleman, dark skin, light skin, busy people, lazy people, etc.?


You would only not be a candidate if you are unwilling to participate or judge people who enjoy wearing  makeup. That isn't fun for anyone involved. 

I'm a professional makeup artists, beauty blogger, MLM makeup salesperson, etc. Are your classes for me?

Pro Level Classes as part of our menu on the Book Appointment page for Seattle. It's easy to schedule your time!

What kind of experience do the artists have?

We only hire experienced talent...and training never ends. We recommend looking at your artist's bio on our website. 

How long is the appointment?

Please look at class description for this information.