Frequently Asked Questions for Denver


Where is your studio?

Our Denver studio address is 4340 Kentucky Avenue #445, Glendale, CO 80246

What does your company do?

We are quietly successful cosmetic retailer that offers a menu of educational and beauty services. 

I'm interested in wedding, photo shoot, or fashion show assistance somewhere in Colorado. How can I get a quote or book?

Email Colleen O'Donnell at for a quick reply.

I have a Daredevil Cosmetics Groupon voucher. How do I book my class?

The only way to book an appointment is by using our scheduling system on the Book Appointment page for Denver. There is no other way to book a Daredevil Groupon class. Please do not call, text or email us to manually schedule a Groupon class for you. 

A moment of transparency: We are hoping you will fall in love (again NO PRESSURE) with some of our products and become a client. Please do not bring your own makeup or skin care. If you are wanting to learn to work with your own makeup, please select Makeup Shakeup lesson from the menu. Makeup Shakeup is not eligible for Groupon.

What if my voucher is for a Groupon class that is not on your booking menu?

All Groupon classes have been updated to the "Personalized Makeup Lesson".

How and when do you redeem my voucher?

The Groupon number is an 8 digit voucher that you enter when you book your appointment on this page. Living Social vouchers are much longer. Vouchers are redeemed in person when you visit. We prefer to redeem it together using the Groupon app (or mobile website) on your phone. If this is not possible, simply bring a printed voucher.


Ignore the notification when Groupon states it will redeem the voucher if you open it. We have to push "Redeem" and then also "Are you sure?" to fully redeem a voucher.

My Groupon or Living Social voucher is expired! Can  you help me?

Absolutely. We cheerfully honor all vouchers well past their expiration. Book your appointment with confidence...or wait! There is no need to contact us to see if we will honor it. We will!

I would like to learn theatrical, stage, drag, special effects makeup during my Groupon class. Can we focus on that?


At this time, we exclusively offer beauty makeup classes and products. The classes follow a productive agenda that has already been formulated by the Creative Director.

Can you facilitate Groupon classes for over two people?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. We have tried to accommodate and it does not work. The only exception is a guardian or caregiver who is not part of the class.  Do not leave your teens/tweens with us to adult must stay for the class.


We offer a workshop for groups of three or more. The cost is $35 per person. The workshop is done in a format that allows everyone to enjoy their time and adapts to the size of the class.

Please contact to book a workshop. This class can be done in your home or our studio. The duration of the workshop is a relaxed two to three hours.

What should I expect in a class? How will this be different from any other makeover?

We train you to do makeup quickly like a pro. We do not take the "scenic route" like other cosmetic lines. We offer the opportunity to buy quality products because the right tools help.  You will learn in a private,clean, and unpretentious environment. There is never pressure to purchase or open a new charge account! Leave amazed at how quickly you can do your makeup.

What products do you sell?

We offer Daredevil Pro, Lash Food and Jennifer Bradley. All items are cruelty free. In some cases, items are Certified Organic, gluten free or paraben free. Most items are vegan. Consult our Shop page, your Educator, or use our contact form for more specific product information.

These are the products we recommend to our very own mothers!

Are you able to work on someone who has the flu or a skin issue?

We are unable to put makeup on clients who are visibly contagious or are currently experiencing open/healing skin lesions. Please reschedule if you are sneezing, coughing, and obviously sick. Skin issues include: Type 3 or 4 acne, herpes, burn marks, abrasions, recovery from surgery, stitches, and skin cancer in treatment. 

Do you have a waiting list for cancellations so I can get in earlier?

Our calendar online is live. Since customers can book 24 hours, we don't have a waiting list.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

We understand. Our artists are real people like you: mothers, spouses, pet lovers. Things come up. Try to give us notice. Use the link in your confirmation email to reschedule before the 24 hour cut off. If something comes up last minute, we strongly suggest that you text message your artist's cell phone. 

Contact Colleen O'Donnell

I have sensitive skin. Can you help me?

Yes. Many of our products are made for hypersensitive skin. Please let your artist know of any allergies or previous issues with makeup or skin care. We will not apply your own product during a Groupon makeup class. If you would like to learn how to get the most from your own products, please select Makeup Shakeup.

Do your products have a guarantee?

Satisfaction is guaranteed. We cheerfully accept returns within 30 days of purchase. We do not give returns on services.

How do your artists make money? Am I expected to tip?

"Gratuity is appreciated but not expected." 


We offer Groupon classes in Denver to meet the community.  When redeeming a Groupon, keep in mind that by choosing to neither tip or purchase, you're implying dissatisfaction.

Do you do makeup on teenagers, senior citizens, ladies, gentlemen, dark skin, light skin, busy people, lazy people, etc.?


You would only not be a candidate if you are unwilling to participate or judge people who enjoy wearing makeup. That isn't fun for anyone involved.

I'm a professional makeup artists, beauty blogger, MLM makeup salesperson, etc. What classes are for me?

Pro Level Classes as part of our menu on the Book Appointment page for Denver. It's easy to schedule your time! Please do not book a Groupon Class.

What kind of experience does my Educator possess?

We only hire experienced talent...and training never ends. We recommend looking at your Educator's bio on our website. 

How long is the appointment?

Groupon classes are approximately one hour per person. Maestro and Makeup Shakeup are two hours in length per person. Pro Classes are three hours long.