One on One Classes for Professionals

We offer dynamic and high-impact “pro level” private classes. They are one on one and conducted by very experienced artists.


The experience builds notable confidence and skill. We offer a Level 1 and Level 2 classes. Please refer to our "Book Appointment" pages for more details about each class.

The student is required to bring a model. A certificate and complimentary The Nectar is given upon completion of class. Ongoing support is provided to all aspiring artist!

Makeup artistry is a lucrative business. The ability to provide a flawless makeup application is immediately profitable by means of service fees and product sales. The goal is to get the student "up and running" for IMMEDIATE amazing makeup results.

Group Classes for Beauty Professionals

Let us engage your classroom or group of beauty professionals in a fun, enlightening class. Our Educators are trained to conduct a workshop they will remember. We guarantee to impress and "yes, we travel nationally."

Please direct inquires to for a quick response. Please include helpful information like location, number of attendees, length of class, focus, budget, etc.