Skeptic is Pleasantly Surprised

Daredevil Cosmetics "Antidote Meta-Elixir "- Product Review

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When Daniel told me that the subject of my first product review would be "Antidote Meta-Elixir " primer serum– the newest addition to the Daredevil Pro Collection – I had a moment of apprehension. My daily makeup routine could be described as lazy-minimalist, and my experience with primer tended toward dimethicone-heavy products that just felt like a heavy, unnecessary extra step. But he smiled as he set the sharp black bottle in my hand and assured me this primer was different. Just try it...

Lucky for me that he's had years of experience overcoming my objectionable nature, because this product is amazing. Antidote is unlike any other makeup primer I've ever tried. Just a few drops of the light, non-greasy formula is enough for the entire face. It absorbs almost immediately into damp skin and dries to a velvety texture that mattifies and extends the wear of foundation - without adding any extra weight. But what really sold me on this product was the visible improvement I could see in my skin from week to week. After a month of daily use, my skin tone was more even, lines & wrinkles were reduced, generally firmer/tighter. I found myself hiding what was left of my sample lest my teenage daughter get her hands on it.

"Antidote" Heals and Improves Skin...Really?

There are thousands of products available that claim to reduce your fine lines, make you look younger, firm up your face, reduce redness, eliminate puffiness, moisturize your dry spots, dry out your oily zone and let you at least pretend you got 8 hours of sleep last night. Sometimes it feels like before we even notice our facial shortcomings, there's already a product marketed as the solution. It's easy to cast a doubtful eye upon these claims; I know I absolutely do. But I also know Daniel's philosophy for Daredevil Pro – essential products that truly deliver. So I embarked on my "Antidote" journey with an open mind, my trusty notebook, and an idea for the ultimate test of this product – one that I never thought it would pass.

Here are a few highlights from my notes:

Day 1: Applied "Antidote" serum under foundation, slapped on a little blush and some mascara. Daniel noticed I was wearing makeup within 3 seconds of greeting me at work. Makeup actually lasted all day.

Day 2: I got carded at the liquor store!

Day 10: Way less redness in my cheeks and around nose, skin seems firmer.

Day 18: Skin tone is more even, skin around eyes looks firmer and crows feet are not as noticeable. Using less moisturizer at night.

Day 21: I am addicted to this magic sauce. Dark sun-spot on my cheek is definitely lighter.

Day 23: Maybe I don't even need makeup anymore? But I kind of want to wear it because it's more fun to apply now?

Day 28: Well, it took a month but it finally happened. During morning coffee on the porch, husband looked at me, squinted a bit and said “You look good. Your skin looks good. Are you wearing makeup?” NO SIR I AM NOT.

That's right, Oblivious Husband is No Match for "Antidote"! This was the ultimate test I secretly set for the product a month ago. Would my wonderful yet very distracted partner of 16 years actually notice anything different going on with my face? Considering that he once took 2 weeks to notice that I'd gotten new glasses, I didn't have high hopes. But he did notice, in the morning sun, before I'd even washed my face he noticed that my skin was looking great. Objective proof that this product works as advertised: achieved! An actual antidote? Absoluteley!

It's not magic or miracles though – just science. "Antidote" contains a few unique ingredients that facilitate both its skin healing properties and its ability to fix makeup and extend its wear. These proprietary ingredients are designed to decrease oil on the the skin's surface, mattifying makeup and helping it “grab” the skin. Antidote Meta-Elixir does this without over-drying the skin and without creating a rebound effect of additional oil production. The healing effect of Antidote comes from an oxygen-rich molecule that delivers nutrients and skin conditioning ingredients directly to the skin cells while creating an environment that speeds cell reproduction. So your makeup goes on better, lasts longer and after continued use, your skin is visibly improved. For REAL.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to desired area alone or underneath all cosmetics to boost their skin penetration (SPF, self tanner, foundation, etc.)

BENEFITS: Firms Skin, Diminishes Acne, Lightens Hyperpigmentation, Soothes Red Skin, Desensitizes Skin, and Displaces Pollutants.

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