5 Products for 5 Minute Makeup

Hello all my makeup lovers. I hope you're feeling beautiful today. I want to share a simple way to accomplish fast daily makeup.

I was a makeup artist for the better part of my 20's. At 30, I became a mom. The time I had for daily makeup decreased drastically. I figured out how to make myself look and feel presentable with limited time and just 5 makeup products.

I always begin with a quick spray of The Nectar (more later) and moisturizer, Daredevil Pro SPF45. I don't include these in my 5 products because I'm always applying skin care,even on days I'm not wearing makeup. This is so that I can wear less makeup in general.

1. After skin prep, I use Jennifer Bradley's 4 in 1 foundation. This product is so incredible because it combines 4 products. Generally, cosmetic lines offer a separate eye lid primer, concealer, primer and foundation. JB's 4 in 1 combines all of those AND works effectively for all 4 purposes. It cuts down on time because you're not fumbling around for four different products. I apply with a small eye crease blending brush. You heard right! I tend to "edit" places that need help instead of applying a coat over then entire face. I don't even blend yet.

2. Next I add Daredevil Cosmetics Pro bronzer in Tahitian Tan in the shape of a #3 on each side of my face. Let me explain: I start with the temple and follow my hairline to my ear then sweep just under my cheekbone, back up to my ear and finish along my jawline. I am very fair skinned so I am careful with bronzer around my jawline. I never want to create that dreaded line of demarcation. I also add a dash of Tahitian Tan to my forehead nose, chin and light spot on neck.


Here is a very interesting and effective blending technique that has literally changed my life. It's changed my personal makeup application as well as helping me to maximize my time while applying makeup on clients.

I use Daredevil Cosmetics The Nectar setting and priming spray. Again, I don't include this in my 5 products because this outstanding spray has skincare in it and I'm using it on makeup free days too.

This wonder spray heals acne, smooths lines, reduces redness, lightens spots and firms the skin. All while making my products adhere to skin better and longer. I spray The Nectar over my foundation and bronze then gently pat my fingers where needed. The moisture from the spray makes blending super fast and easy.

3. Then I fill in my brows with Daredevil Cosmetics Indelible Brow Pencil in Natural Taupe. This step is so important because our brows frame our face and make us look younger. We want those brows showing but not too dark. Be careful when choosing a brow color and try to match it to the low lights in your hair...but a little softer. This will create a more natural brow appearance.

4. I pop some Daredevil Pro Pretty N Pink Blush on the apple of my cheeks. Remember to roll the brush in the blush, coating the sides of the brush shape. Avoid getting blush on the tip of the brush because you'll most likely over apply if you don't! You will become obsessssssssed with this blush, I promise. It adds a magical pink glow to your day!

5. Add some lip gloss. I'm obsessed with the look, finish, and smell of our VEGAN Winter gloss Mint Mojito right now.

And my 5 product in 5 minute everyday makeup look is complete. You might be wondering why I skipped my eyes. Eye makeup is one of the most time consuming pieces of a makeup application.

If you do have a few extra seconds add some Lash Food 3D organic mascara. I skip eyes all together for one of my favorite beauty tricks. Designer sunglasses. They look cool and hide those tired Mom dark circles while being one of our best defenses against crows feet.

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Wishing you the best,

Colleen O'Donnell

(Makeup Artist & Executive Educator for Daredevil Cosmetics)

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