4 Lessons I've Learned from Clients

I hope your week is going well!

As you know, we are in the business of teaching makeup artistry and producing ingenious tools. The format of your visit puts us in the role of a teacher. You, in turn, are always teaching us. Here's what I've learned and continue to learn:

1. The makeup world is not meeting your needs.

I'm continuously disappointed by how little people know about makeup and skin care. Even if you've spent tons of money, you are grievously uninformed when you arrive in our studio. We know you are most likely disappointed in previous experiences or have just given up.

The creation of Daredevil Cosmetics meets this need. We instruct in a private, no pressure environment. This was something that we simply could not do while working for a large company.

2. Be humble.

I touch peoples faces, I touch their lives. Sometimes, you give me a glimpse into the challenges you are facing: grief, despair, embarrassment, abuse, low self esteem, etc.

Often, I sense it without you sharing.

It's a gift to allow someone to discuss your appearance. I know it connects to how you feel inside and I am always humbled by the opportunity.

Besides, there's always a better makeup artist, product...

or parent who comments on your work in a magazine like you're five years old and just showed them a finger painted hand turkey! LOL!

I am humbled when you give our products a chance or see that you reorder.

3. People are very durable and very fragile.

As I meet new people and hear their stories, I remain in awe of this dichotomy. We are all multi-faceted beings.

Educators at Daredevil view makeup artistry as both artistic expression and a form of healing. This is built into my hiring practice. I know you are busy and time spent with us should be fun and informative. The reason for your visit can range from a fun distraction to the christening of your newly single self.

Makeup and skin care are a part of grooming. Grooming yourself is a part of good mental health. This is why a portion of the proceeds for select items, like The Nectar, go to NAMI. I wanted to create a product that helps people look and feel better every day. Think of each morning spray of The Nectar as a "symbolic armor" to meet the day.

4. There are people who genuinely want to help you.

Whenever I'm tempted to dwell on the occasional bad apple, the thought process is stopped short by the number of people who have helped my career.

The support comes in the form of a purchase, a heartfelt email, a review, a new way of looking at something, or a referral. There are so many other ways I have been helped!

There are just too many awesome people out there to focus on the ones that caused you grief. Some people will get you right away and some people will never get you, no matter what you do.

Focus on the cheerleaders in your life. They deserve your love.

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