Fall 2018 is the Ultimate Trend

August 21, 2018

No, really.


It is.


We've all been waiting for this look: Lazy, Unfinished, Simple.


The focus this Fall is on skin and rebellious to most intense makeup looks.


Balenciaga and Tom Ford brought intense animal prints to the runway with the least amount of focus on makeup.


It's important that we stop here to mention that I didn't say no makeup. Also that trends are general and open to interpretation. There's always a rebel.


Among the rebels this year were Fendi and Miu Miu. Both innovators presented runway makeup reminiscent of the eighties but tightly reigned in to match their fabric choices: gloss and tweed, respectively.


Let's break down a few looks so you can use a trend to convenience yourself.  I love that this fall, full use of makeup hacks are "trendy." Let's discuss a couple  choices.


Look 1:


No eye shadow.



But wowza the brows and mascara, though! 


Always start with skin prep: Antidote and our SPF45


Use Indelible Brow Pencil. If you don't have time to draw an actual brow, gently sweep the pencil backwards against the hair growth. In other words: start from the outside of the brow and work inward.


Shade in the brow with long pencil strokes. Finally, tap with your finger to warm.


This look will not provide definition to the brow, just shading. Rely on concealing around the brow and eye to cleanup and sharpen brow.


Clean up with JB 4 in 1 Foundation and apply Lash Organic