3 Lessons I Learned from Working with Johnny Weir

I've had the chance to work with several celebrities but Johnny stands out as remarkable and beloved by many.

I recently had the opportunity to assist him with makeup for NBC Sports. Here is what I observed and we can all learn from Johnny Weir:

1. Life is a balancing act.

Every which way we turned and if the door was left open to his private staging area, people called out his name. They love him. They adore him.

If you put yourself in his shoes, imagine a constant stream of adoration. Shew! I'm tired thinking about it.

Johnny pulls it off. He is so pleasant and still himself. We all need to make sure to retreat and have private time. The world is a dichotomy of being life giving and draining.

2. Assert yourself with a soft touch.

You can always find a way to draw boundaries, edit situations, or give feedback with soft touch. It doesn't take away from one's source of power;instead it displays a sense of maturity when handling power.

It's really great to see someone as young as Johnny exhibit this behavior with the support team and fans.

3. Be Yourself

What a cliche, right?

I rarely get to do male makeup. It's really fun for me. Especially because it is atypical. I really respect a gentleman who wears visible makeup. Some of my best memories are wearing rocker, theatrical, and makeup-less looks at MAC.

Johnny has always been unapologetic and proud of the totality of who he is. It's like Rupaul says, "what other people think about you is none of your business!"

Johnny's iconic hair and makeup looks have helped pave the way for others to feel free to express who they are!

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