How to Game Up Like Tara Lipinski

There's not many celebrities who have adiverse portfolio of endeavors like Tara Lipinski. Talented, magnetic and industrious are a few words you can use to describe her. Heck, she was just on Family Guy!

I recently had the chance to assist her with makeup for NBC Sports. Let me share with you how to "game up" like Tara:

1. Protect and Advocate Your Brand

Tara knows her image, job, and style well. As a culture, we expect a finished package with our celebrities...and she consistently delivers.

She required attention to detail with my brush movements, lash placement and color choices. I welcomed the communication and learned to be a better makeup artist because of it.

2. Smile and Get Up

The most traumatizing AND enlightening part of my time with Skate America was watching the competitors fall. Over and over. (and over!)

Yet, each time the skater recovered, smiled, and carried on. It did not break them that they fell.

I can't even imagine how many times Tara fell to get where she's is. Ouch!

It really is more about how we move on from errors than the error itself. Ice skaters and dancers learn to pull it together, rally and carry on. We can all take note.

3. Retain Gratitude for Your Fans

I witnessed a very sweet moment when Tara indulged a fan and did a video chat with someone on their phone.

No matter how busy she was or concerned with staying on schedule, Tara lit up in a genuine way when fans approached her.

I think we can all agree Tara definitely has some lessons to teach. Cheers to her continued success.

Daniel Vann

Creative Director

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